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The Registry L.L.C. And The Portal

These Terms (“Terms”) apply to you as any person or business entity who is a customer, or another purchaser of goods or services (“Client”) from The Registry L.L.C.,  or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates  ("We" and/or “Vendor”).


The Registry L.L.C. is a group of highly qualified marketing consultants. The client will build with the consultant a custom marketing campaign. Once your consultant gets you aboard, you will be directed to the client portal to have access to all available departments. We then build the campaign as tailored together with the client on our network and on relevant sites.  We do this with the information and photos provided by the client. Your campaign information will also be provided to parties that have shown interest in the type of item you are selling. The Registry LLC will manage accounts to protect clients and report back with interest as the marketing campaign matures to the client through the portal. (Portal, Email, Text). The Entireties of this process will be recorded through the portal.


Vendors cannot guarantee the success of your customized campaign. Many factors including price, location, condition, etc. may affect how quickly the item sells. The Registry LLC’s services work much like a Custom Online Targeting Marketing Campaign. The Registry LLC only assists in dealer amenities. (I.E. Financing, Transportation)


Service Is Until No Longer Required


The Registry LLC may inactivate your ad after 6 months of inactivity in the portal. We will communicate regularly through the portal. Please respond promptly to receive messages. Our partner websites may choose not to display stale ads, we will make every attempt to contact you VIA TEXT MESSAGING To CELL PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED AND OR EMAIL PROVIDED through the portal. We will keep the client up-to-date and a copy of the custom marketing package purchases and goods will be displayed in the portal in the vendor's initial conversation thread verified by "read" software for delivery reassurance. Vendors will continue the marketing campaign until the demand is no longer needed.



The Registry LLC will provide information about third-party services for financing, insuring, inspecting, warranties, and more. These services are not provided by The Registry L.L.C.

Our service begins the moment your payment is processed. We do purchase platforms outside www.TheRegistryLLC.com to fulfill clients hired demands. We will manage all activities and changes needed to our third-party locations. We will make every attempt to correct any issues you may have in said locations.


Welcome to The Registry LLC  where we provide clients with a private portal, website features, products, and services to market your vehicle (s) or machinery or aircraft or boat, etc.... until services are no longer required.  


Taxes, registration, transportation, shipping, fuel costs, and inspection of the vehicles.  


Payments are arranged between the seller and their financial institution along with an inspection of the vehicle (s).  

Client Portal Communication Is Required For Full Benefits.
When a client provides its consent by (a) clicking the “accept” button, (b) through the account registration process, (c) by otherwise by accessing this web address that references these terms, or (d) using the portal, the client is agreeing to be bound by these terms to the same extent as if a paper copy of these terms had been manually executed, and the client understands and intends to enter into these terms electronically. The client represents and warrants that the client has the right, power, and authority to enter into the terms and bind the client to its terms.   If the client does not agree with these terms, the client should not give consent and is not permitted to access or use the portal. These terms may change from time to time and the client agrees it is the sole responsibility of the client to be aware of the current version of these terms.


1.1.  Subject to these Terms, Vendor grants to Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable, and limited license to display, access, and use the Portal, for the duration of the Term and solely for Client’s internal purposes.

1.2. Client may grant access and use rights to any employee that Client permits to use or access the Portal provided that such employee has a need to use the Portal in the scope and course of their employment with Client (“Authorized Users”) provided that (i) Client agrees to be responsible for the acts and omissions of such Authorized Users in relation to the Terms (ii) all of Client’s obligations under the Terms will remain in force and undiminished. In connection with an Authorized User’s use of the Portal, Vendor may collect certain personal information, which may be used to validate the identity of an Authorized User. Prior to initial access to the Portal, each Authorized User shall electronically execute an acknowledgment appearing on the Portal to the effect that such Authorized User personally consents to the disclosure, collection, storage, and processing of the data provided in connection with the Portal.

1.3. Client and each Authorized User will be given a unique user identification (“User ID“) and a corresponding passcode or other access code to enable access and use of the Portal. Client agrees to keep your passcode secure and strictly confidential and ensure that all Authorized Users agree to the same.  Client agrees to notify Vendor immediately of any change in access and use rights for any Authorized User. Client acknowledges that Client, and not Vendor, is ultimately responsible for the access to its account by Authorized Users; and Vendor disclaims all liability resulting from or arising out of the unauthorized access of Client’s account through any User ID assigned to Client or its Authorized Users.


2.1.   Client and its Authorized Users are prohibited from using the Portal for any purpose which would violate any provision of these Terms. Specifically, Client and Authorized Users shall not (i) copy, modify, or create a derivative work from, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, decode, adapt, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code in part or in full; (ii) rent, lease, lend, sell, assign, sublicense, distribute, publish, or otherwise transfer any right in the Portal; (iii) re-sell the Portal or its contents, or permit collection (including but not limited to collection via web-scraping); (iv) use any device, software, or routine to bypass any code of the Portal or to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Portal; (v) take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Portal or its host infrastructure; (vi) engage in any automated system or method of data collection from the Portal; (vii) disclose, disseminate, reproduce, or publish any portion of the Portal in any manner or permit the same; (viii) use the Portal to create derivative products or other derivative works; or (ix) disassemble, decompile, manipulate, or reverse engineer any portion of the Portal.

2.2. Client acknowledges and agrees that the Portal may include reports, results, findings, or other analyses; but all decisions in connection with the use or implementation of such analyses shall be the responsibility of, and made by, Vendor. The client will not perform management functions or make management decisions for Vendor.

2.3. Vendor will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain industry-standard safeguards reasonably designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of, and to prevent unauthorized access to or use of data or other information supplied by Client to be used in connection with the Portal that Client provides to Vendor (“Client Data”). By using the Portal, the Client acknowledges and agrees that the security procedures of the Portal are commercially reasonable. Client acknowledges and agrees that access to and use of the Portal through the World Wide Web or other Internet services are NOT necessarily secure, and Vendor does NOT warrant that such systems are secure.

2.4. Client shall be responsible for the security of Client’s (and Authorized User’s) use of the Portal and Client Data, and shall take and maintain appropriate steps to ensure the security of the Client Data and Customer’s use (and the use by Authorized Users) of the Portal. At all times Client shall use industry-standard anti-virus software and commercially reasonable security measures to protect Client, the Portal, and all Client Data against any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other harmful codes and/or devices, operating on Client’s or any Authorized User’s system.  The vendor may set cookies on an Authorized User’s computer as identification to permit access to areas of the Portal in place of login and password and to record the use of the Portal; no such cookies shall be accessible by domains outside of the Company.

2.5.   Client acknowledges and agrees that Vendor exercises no control whatsoever over the content of Client Data and that Client is solely responsible for determining whether it can disclose Client Data to Vendor. Accordingly, Vendor hereby disclaims and Client acknowledges and agrees that Vendor shall have no liability for the accuracy or usage rights of Client Data. As between the Parties, Vendor acknowledges that Client is the exclusive owner of all rights, titles, and interests in and to the Client Data.

2.6.   As between the Parties, Client acknowledges that Vendor is the exclusive owner of all rights, title, and interest in and to (the following, inclusively “Vendor Materials”):

a)  the Portal;

b)  any pre-existing invention, discovery, original works of authorship, developments, improvements, trade secrets, concepts, or other proprietary information or intellectual property right developed and/or owned by Vendor, Vendor’s affiliates, employees, subcontractors, staff, licensors, providers, or other third parties or individuals that provide or may provide Portal or other services to others or on Vendor’ behalf;

c)  all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade names (registered and unregistered), trade secrets, know-how, inventions, licenses, and all other intellectual property or proprietary rights throughout the world developed and/or owned by Vendor, its agents, or third parties on or after the effective date of these Terms, including, without limitation, all marks;

d)  research, benchmarking methodologies, tools, and other confidential materials relating to the Portal (including, without limitation, any such materials based on aggregated and de-identified Client Data); and

e)  any derivative works of any of the foregoing.

2.7. Client is hereby granted a worldwide, royalty-free right to distribute to its Authorized Users all reports and analyses provided as part of the Portal. Upon termination of these Terms, Client’s rights to and its use of the Portal and any of the Vendor Materials shall promptly cease.

2.8. Providing any suggestions, enhancement requests, recommendations, corrections or other feedback (collectively, “Feedback”) is strictly voluntary. If Client provides any Feedback to Vendor, orally or in writing, Vendor shall: (i) own, exclusively, all now known or later discovered rights to the Feedback; (ii) not be subject to any obligation of confidentiality and shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of any Feedback; and (iii) be entitled to unrestricted use of the Feedback for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to you or any other person.

2.9. Vendor may, at its sole discretion, from time to time, provide Client, access to electronic versions of any documentation with respect to the Portal (“Documentation”). The client may print and reproduce the Documentation, provided that: (i) the number of such copies is limited to those reasonably necessary for use by the Client, including, without limitation, training and archival purposes; and (ii) proprietary notices contained in the original copies of the Documentation are reproduced and included in all copies. The copyrighted and proprietary property of Vendor may not be duplicated or used without Vendor’s express prior written consent. Any product or service content permitted to be copied, downloaded, or printed must retain all the copyright, and other proprietary notices included by Vendor.

3.0. Clients must acknowledge Vendors' attempts to communicate through the Portal. Any failed or non-responsive portal will not receive "Interest Parties" messages. We must open a dialogue with the Client to be reassured that The Registry L.L.C. is communicating to the correct Client and not neglectfully sending privileged information aimlessly. It is the Client's sole responsibility to respond. The Registry L.L.C. will attempt to send a welcome email

https://go.thryv.com/site/5z6zv6uzu9rpsf78/activity/dashboard followed by a boarding text from 888-972-0483.


3.1.  These Terms commence on the date Client registers to receive the Portal and continue for so long as the Client to access the Portal or until it is otherwise terminated (the “Term”). These terms and access to the Portal will automatically terminate if the underlying agreement through which Vendor provides other services to the Client expires or is otherwise terminated.

3.2. Vendor may terminate these Terms and access to the Portal at any time, without notice. The client may terminate these Terms at any time by deleting their registered account.

3.3.  Either Party may terminate these Terms immediately upon written notice for the material breach of the other Party, which material breach (if curable) has remained uncured for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of delivery of written notice thereof to the breaching Party.

3.4.   Vendor may, directly or indirectly, and by use of a disabling device or any other lawful means, suspend, terminate or otherwise deny Client’s or any Authorized User’s access to or use of all or any part of the Portal without incurring any resulting obligation or liability, if: (i) Vendor receives a judicial or other governmental demand or order or law enforcement request that expressly or by reasonable implication requires Vendor to do so, in which case Vendor shall provide Client prompt written notice; or (ii) Vendor believes, in its reasonable discretion, that: (a) Client or any Authorized User has accessed or used the Portal beyond the scope of the rights granted or for a purpose not authorized under these Terms; (b) Client or any Authorized User is or has been involved in any fraudulent or unlawful activities relating to or in connection with the Portal; (c) Client’s use of the Portal in violation of these Terms, or the transmission of any Client Data, poses any security or vulnerability risk to Vendor or the Portal or (d) these Terms expire or are terminated.


4.1 Definitions. For purposes of the Terms and except as excluded under Section 4.2 below, “Confidential Information” shall include all information of which unauthorized disclosure by a Party, its Personnel, or any Authorized Service Recipient (each a “Recipient”) could be detrimental to the interests of the other Party (“Disclosing Party”) whether or not Disclosing Party identifies including, without limitation, all information of Disclosing Party of the following or similar nature, whether or not reduced to writing: invoices and billings, customer lists, customer and supplier identities and characteristics, agreements, marketing knowledge and information, sales figures, pricing information, marketing plans, business plans, business metrics, strategies, forecasts, financial information, budgets, software (including all enhancements, modifications and derivatives thereof), research papers, projections, procedures, routines, quality control and manufacturing procedures, processes, formulas, trade secrets, innovations, inventions, discoveries, improvements, research or development and test results, specifications, data, know-how, formats, plans, sketches, specifications, drawings, models, employee lists and information and any other information or procedures that are treated as or designated secret or confidential by Disclosing Party or its customers or potential customers. Confidential Information also includes all non-public information or material that by its nature would have commercial value or competitive value in the business of Disclosing Party whether disclosed by or on behalf of Disclosing Party to Recipient.

4.2. Exclusions. Confidential Information does not include information that Recipient can demonstrate: (i) was in Recipient’s possession prior to its being furnished to Recipient under the Terms, and the source of that information was not known by Recipient to be bound by a confidentiality agreement with or other continual, legal or fiduciary obligation of confidentiality to Disclosing Party; (ii) is now, or hereafter becomes, through no act or failure to act on the part of Recipient, generally known to the public; (iii) is rightfully obtained by Recipient from a third-party, without breach of any obligation to Disclosing Party; or (iv) is independently developed by Recipient without the use of or reference to the Confidential Information and is evidenced by independent documentation.

4.3. Confidentiality. Recipient shall use the Confidential Information solely for the purposes of the Terms and shall not in any way use the Confidential Information to the detriment of Disclosing Party and not authorized by the Terms. Recipient shall not disclose any of the Confidential Information in any manner whatsoever, except as set forth in Section 4.4 or Section 4.5 of the Terms and shall hold and maintain the Confidential Information in strictest confidence.  The Parties expressly agree that nothing in the Terms is meant to inhibit or prohibit a Party’s intellectual property development and that Recipient may develop similar products or services so long as no Confidential Information of Disclosing Party is used in violation of the Terms.

4.4. Permitted Disclosures. The recipient may disclose Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information to Recipient Personnel or any Authorized Service Recipient who has a bona fide need to know such Confidential Information but only to the extent necessary to evaluate or carry out the purposes of the Terms and only if such Personnel are advised of the confidential nature of such Confidential Information and the Terms and are bound by a written agreement to maintain the Confidential Information according to the terms herein.  Recipient shall be responsible for the actions of its Personnel and agrees that such actions shall be deemed actions by Recipient.  Recipient hereby agrees to indemnify Disclosing Party against any and all losses, damages, claims, expenses, and attorneys’ fees incurred or suffered by Disclosing Party as a result of a breach of the Terms by Recipient.

4.5.   Required Disclosures. Recipients may disclose Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information if and only to the extent that such disclosure is required by a court or administrative order.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Recipient shall provide the Disclosing Party a reasonable opportunity to review any such disclosure before it is made and to interpose its own objection to the disclosure.  Recipient agrees to provide reasonable assistance to the Disclosing Party in any request, filing, or objection that the Disclosing Party decides in its sole and absolute discretion to make to protect Disclosing Party’s Confidential Information.


5.1.   Client acknowledges and agrees that the portal is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis at the client’s sole risk. The vendor makes no, and hereby disclaims any, representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, or the availability, functionality, performance, loss of data or results of use of the portal. Without limiting the foregoing, the vendor disclaims any warranty that the portal will be accurate, error-free, or uninterrupted, and vendor shall not have any responsibility to maintain the portal or to supply any corrections, updates, or releases in connection therewith. Vendor makes no, and hereby disclaims any, implied warranties, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, of fitness for any particular purpose or arising by usage of trade, no infringement, course of dealing or course of performance.

5.2.  Client represents and warrants that Client: (i) is a properly organized business entity, in good standing in the locations where it operates or conducts business, and has the corporate power and authority to enter and perform its obligations under these Terms, in accordance with Applicable Law and its articles of incorporation, bylaws, and/or other governance documents; (ii) has obtained all required consents, licenses, approvals, and/or permissions to authorize it to enter and perform its obligations under these Terms; (iii) performance of its duties under these Terms will in no way conflict with or violate any applicable law; (iv) it has read and understood these Terms and the services to be provided by Vendor; (v) it has the ability and right to provide Client Data; and (vi) all information and Client Data that Client or any Authorized User provides to Vendor is accurate, current and complete.


Client will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Vendor, its agents, affiliates and each of their respective officers, shareholders, directors, employees and agents (collectively, “Indemnities”) from and against any and all damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, awards, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs), and in each case regardless of character or form (collectively, “Damages”) related to any claim, investigation, audit, regulatory action or other cause of action asserted against any Indemnity arising out of or relating to any actual or alleged: (i) breach by Client of and/or its agents and/or of Authorized Users of these Terms;; (ii) violation by Client and/or its agents and/or of Authorized Users of Applicable Law; (iii) the acts and omissions Client and/or its agents and/or of Authorized Users; (iv) bodily injury, death or personal property damage caused by Client and/or its Agents and/or of Authorized Users; and (vi) disclosure or use by Vendor of Client Data (collectively, “Indemnified Claims”).


in no event will vendor be liable for any special, indirect, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages in any action arising from or related to these terms, whether based in contract, tort, intended conduct or otherwise, including without limitation, damages relating to the loss of profits, income or goodwill, regardless of whether the party has been advised of the possibility of damages. In no event (including claims for indemnification and claims involving a breach of a vendor’ confidentiality and permitted use obligations) will vendor or its agent’s liability for monetary damages under these terms exceed one hundred dollars ($100).

8. Force Majeure

Vendor shall be liable or responsible to Client or Authorized Users, nor be deemed to have defaulted or breached the Terms, for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing the Terms, when and to the extent such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts beyond the affected Vendor’ reasonable control, including, without limitation: Acts of God; Flood, fire or explosion; War, invasion, riot or other civil unrest; Actions, embargoes or blockages in effect after the date of the Terms; or National or regional emergency, (each of the foregoing, a “Force Majeure Event”).  Vendor shall give notice to Client of any Force Majeure Event, stating the period of time the occurrence is expected to continue and shall use diligent efforts to end the failure and minimize the effects of such Force Majeure Event.

9.     The Registry L.L.C. Refund Policy

Client may request a refund within 48 hours of placing your ad if your vehicle was sold privately. To request a refund, please message "The Portal" https://go.thryv.com/site/5z6zv6uzu9rpsf78/activity/dashboard or email customersupport@theregistryllcom. Include your name, email address, phone number, vehicle description, the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the listing, and the reason you are requesting a refund. If the listing was sold privately within the first 24 hours, also include a notarized bill of sale. The Registry L.L.C. reserves the right to make refunds at any time in connection with cases of fraud, abuse, and in other limited instances. Not with-standing anything in this policy to the contrary, The Registry L.L.C.   Reserves the right to finally determine in its sole discretion whether the criteria for a refund set forth in this policy have been satisfied and to request any additional information relevant to such request. The Registry L.L.C. Is not responsible for refund requests that are not timely received in accordance with this policy for any reason, including without limitation, web congestion, addressing mistakes, computer or Internet downtime, or requests submitted by phone, postal mail, or any other manner not expressly provided for in this policy.

10.   Notices.  All notices under these Terms will be in writing on 
https://www.theregistryllc.com/Page/Terms-And-Conditions.aspx  and delivered via to the e-mail address provided by Client and stored on Client Portal for access.


General Limitations

Client is solely responsible for the information, content, and photos contained within your listings. The Registry L.L.C. listings only contain the features expressly indicated. In some cases, different features are available to other advertisers that are not available to you. Listings may not appear on the Auto the Registry L.L.C. website for up to 72 hours, generally they ads are posted within 72 hours.  The Registry L.L.C. does not make, and expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties to you regarding the listings, including, without limitation, and representations or warranties that you will sell your property, obtain an acceptable price for your property, only receive legitimate inquiries or solicitations from qualified buyers, or receive any inquiries regarding our property for sale.


The Registry L.L.C. reserves the right to, but is under no obligation to and does not assume any obligation to investigate complaints and suspicious activity in regards to the accuracy of the information on your property. If The Registry L.L.C. in its sole and exclusive discretion, that you are engaging in any unfair, deceptive, false, misleading or fraudulent practices, The Registry L.L.C. reserves the right to reject or immediately remove your listing from The Registry L.L.C. website and partner sites without notice and without liability or providing a refund, as described above.




The Registry LLC knows that you care how information about you is used and shared and we appreciate our customers' trust.  

The Registry LLC only gathers information the customer gives us.  We utilize the information for purposes such as responding to our customers' requests and communicating with our customers.  

The Registry LLC does not sell our customers' information to others.  

The Registry LLC also utilizes cookies.


The Registry LLC will protect the security of our customers' information by using SSLA Secured 128 bit, which encrypts inputted information.
The Registry LLC knows that you care how information about you is used and shared and we appreciate our customers' trust.

*While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we are not responsible for any errors or omissions contained on these pages. Please verify any information in question with Dealer.